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O2 Voicemail

This is a 24-hour intelligent answering service that is free to set up and is immediately available to customers once connected to the network.
The O2 Voicemail 901 service records a message and rings you back.

Your mailbox is able to store 30 messages. 1 message may be two minutes in length. Any messages not played are stored for 17 days, then deleted. Messages which have been played are only stored for 3 days, then deleted.

901 and SEND - takes you to Voicemail Options

Dial 1760 this will cancel cancel Voicemail Messaging Service

When calling Voicemail (901) the following keys may be used :-
0 - pause or continue
1 - tutorials
2 - replay message
3 - delete
4 - jump forward 5 secs
5 - jump backward 5 secs
6 - next message
8 - call details

#7 - record you voicemail message

More information can be found here ==> CLICK HERE    IP