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Corrupt profile Windows XP

Logon to an account with "Administrator" privelages

1. Open Control Panel
2. Double Click User Accounts
3. Click the Create Account button
4. Enter the name of the new account
5. Logoff from the existing user
6. Logon to the new account
7. After the desktop is displayed, logoff
8. Log back on to the old account
6. Start Windows Explorer or find a "My Computer" icon
7. Right-click on "My Computer"
8. Select "Properties"
9. Click the "Advanced" tab
10. Click the Settings button, under "User Profiles" section
11. Click on the account that was corrupted
12. Click the Copy To button
13. Find Click Browse button
14. Find the Documents and Settings folder
15. Select the new account
16. A confirmation dialog box should appear that informs you that the original files will be deleted and prompts you to confirm the copy operation
17. Click Yes
18. Once the profile is copied, log off from the system and login again with the new username. All the settings of the old account will be copied