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Defrag your disk

Defrag - How to Defrag your hard disk.

Before doing a defrag it is recommended that you first run a disk clean up ...more

1. Double click 'My Documents' --> click the 'Folders' button

2. Click on 'My Computer'

3. Right click on the 'Local Disk(C:)' or 'C drive(C:)'

4. Click 'Properties'

5. Click 'Tools' (Tab at the top)

6. Click 'Analyse'

7. If required, click 'Defragment'

The amount of red colour you see is the fragmented files. These will be joined up to make complete files (called contiguous files) which are displayed in blue.

n.b. It is important to do this if you send and save lots of emails on your PC, as the mail file becomes fragmented very quickly.

To close after defrag click the 'White Cross in Red Square' (top right) to Close the window