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How to switch off dictionary or predictive text on a mobile phone

Many times the predictive text on a phone is very annoying, in fact it's easier to use if you do not look at what is being displayed until you have typed the 3rd or 4th character of each word. If the wrong word comes up press the * key to see other choices for those same keys e.g. if and on

How to turn it off
It"s under phone settings and it"s called dictionary or predictive text.

If you cannot find it, try pressing the power button and look at the profiles, it may be in there.

How to turn it off temporarily
If you want to switch it off temporarily during the typing then press the
Bottom right key of the phone called shift.

This key has an up arrow, musical note with a line through it and a # on it

As you press it look at the top right of your display
It shows an"abc" not abc or Abc when it's switched off.

When it's underlined it"s using the dictionary or another name for it is predictive text.