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Microsoft Releases Fix | Internet Explorer

Microsoft has now released a fix to the security flaw in it's Internet Explorer Browser

There are two ways to apply this fix :-


1. Open Internet Explorer --> Click "Tools" --> "Windows Update"

Windows Update

N.B If you cannot see "Tools" in the "Menu bar" press the <alt> key and it should appear

Go To ***CONTINUE***


1. Click "Start" --> "Control Panel" (You may need to go to "Settings" first) --> Click "Windows Update" on the left

Windows Update


2. Click "Custom"

Windows Update

If the list of updates shows "SP3" (Windows Service Pack 3) I would suggest unchecking "SP3" as this takes 20mins to 1 hour to install

3. Click "Review and Install Update"

Windows Update

4. Click "Install Updates"

Windows Update

5. After installation Click "Restart Now"

Windows Update