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How to open a Works file in Word

Many users receive files which they cannot open because their computer does not have the correct software

Someone sends you a file they created in Microsoft Works

You do not have Microsoft Works but the more popular Microsoft Word

Tell them to send any works files in Rich Text Format (RTF) you will then be able to open them with Microsoft Word


In any program the way to save a file with a different file type, in this case RTF do the following :-

1. Click "File"
2. Click "Save As"" (not "Save")
3. Now look for a box next to "Filetype" it may have *.wps or *.wks
4. Click the arrow pointing downwards to the right of the box and click on *.rtf
5. Now click "Save" or "Ok"

Make a note of the folder you are saving the file so it can be sent later via email     IP