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Toilet Filling up

This can happen if the soil pipe is blocked

What is a soil pipe?
It's the pipe which lets out the air in the pipe when you flush the toilet or drain the sink to stop the water being blocked in the pipe by the air.
It also allows the water to flow into the sewer freely when emptying your bath and stops downstairs toilets and sinks from flooding.

Why does this happen?
Because of the U bend in the toilet and the sink the water cannot get the air to pass freely from either so it needs another outlet somewhere in the pipe. The soil pipe provides this outlet

What is the U bend for?
This stops the smell from the sewer pipes and sewer from getting in your home


Method 1
Get someone to help you
Put in the plugs and fill up a sink or sinks on the same floor as the toilet.
Release the water and flush the toilet all at the same time
This can force the blockage to clear, but with this method there is a possibility of the toilet flooding so be prepared

If this doesn't work you could try filling up your bath then release the water and flush the toilet at the same time, again flooding the toilet is again a possibility

Method 2
If you have an inspection cover either in the house or outside use a power washer or drain rods to clear the pipes

Method 3
Call a Plumber or Dynorod but this is the expensive option

If the blockage is in your sink - CLICK HERE