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How to setup Linksys WRT54G without a CD or Manual | Mac or Windows

You do not need the manual or CD

1. Turn off both the linksys and your modem
2. Turn on your and wait for the usual lights to turn solid
3. Turn on the Linksys and wait 30 secs
4. Press the button on the front to the left. It does not look like a button but flashes while it is finding an ip address
5. Now connect with an Ethernet Network Cable and make sure the internet is working
6. Disconnect the cable and Connect Wirelessly

This will connect without any security

To setup the security do the following:-

In order to setup your Wireless Network Key you must first use a cable to connect to your router.

Once connected check that you are connected to the internet by opening Internet Explorer, safari, netscape or other internet browser

The address or the router is usually one of the following values:-

Try entering each and see if you get a logon box popping up

If you do, that is the correct address for your Wireless router, note it down.

If the box has the username and password completed, then click OK

If there is no value for username try "admin" and for the password try one of the following "password", "admin",

Also try nothing for the username and "admin" for the password

Sometimes the value for these are written on the underneath of the router

Once the router page is displayed, look for an item called Wireless Settings.

Enter a network name" usually called the SSID

Find and enable security
Set to either WPA or WEP

Enter your required value:-

For WPA you may enter any letters and digits

For WEP only hexadecimal characters can be entered and for 64 bit its 10 characters and for 128 bit it's 26 characters