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Word or PDF

There are two types of documents used by Computers users all over the world.

How do you decide which one to use?

When to use PDF

These are used when high quality documents are required either for print or business use.

Most print companies will accept jobs in PDF format.

Professional flyers and manuals which require photographic, diagramatic, detailed printing or displaying should be produced in this format.

These files can contain multiple input types e.g images, text, spreadsheeets etc.

Many users are able to read these files using the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The file size is very small and compressed, so transfer via email and the internet can be much faster.

Once sent little, more usually, no editing is required before producing the final document for printing or displaying.

To Download Adobe Reader click here

When to use Word

When your document contains a lot of text e.g. letters, minutes, memos or book scripts.

Also if the pictures in your document are to be re-used elsewhere or the text requires multiple changes, then produce a word document, as the pictures can be easily copied to another application or program.

In order to read a word document the reader requires Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Word Processor installed on their computer.

Word is a powerful Word Processing tool with Grammer and spell checking available to correct errors.

However, file sizes can be large, so use a Word PDF converter if your document is a final version or you do not want parts of it re-used.

Now you can see why both formats have advantages and disadvantages for the computer user.