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Nokia 5800 Static IP Address | TCP/IP | IPv4 Settings Wireless Internet connection

I searched the internet for this answer and couldn't find it anywhere.

After phoning T-Mobile they directed me to a manual on their website which showed how to set GPRS settings and I found that the start of these instructions also took me into the correct place to set the static IP Address for my Wireless Internet Connection.

Follow these instructions to set it up:-

1. Press the Menu Button (Middle or White button below the screen)
2. Settings
3. Connectivity
4. Destinations
5. Access point(add new Access Point)
6. Automatically check for available access points
7. Yes
8. Wireless Lan (? Available)
9. Highlight the one to which you want to connect
10. Click Select
11. Enter WEP value
12. Destination
13. Internet
14. Click Select
Once added this has been added, the new access point appears under Internet (? access points)
15. Internet
16. select your Wireless Network by touching
17. Highlight the WLAN network Mode
18. Touch it to change it to Ad-hoc, it may be set to Infrastructure
19. Now Click Options
20. Advanced Settings
21. IPv4
22. Enter IP Address
23. Subnet Mask
24. Default Gateway
25. DNS servers

You will now be able to connect to the network through :-
a) Menu button
b) Settings
c) Connectivity
d) Wireless LAN

To set the priorities of your connections in :-
a) Menu Button
b) Settings
c) Connectivity
d) Destinations
e) Internet

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