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Mac or Dell or Toshiba

Mac or Dell or Toshiba

I could deal with connecting all and transferring itunes across.

Mac twice the cost, faster and easier to use,"add-ons software and hardware expensive.
Repairs also costly, as they can be difficult

Dell Good Price not as robust as Toshiba, covered 1 year next day call out but difficult to get the engineer out
Toshiba Good price and robust PCs

Some Dell and Toshiba come with XP, do not get Vista then try to downgrade as you will have problems

I can get both Dell and Toshiba with XP already installed but as Vista was so difficult most suppliers add 100 for this luxury

Try looking at MACWarehouse

Cannot find any Toshiba at the moment

See Dell Studio 15 and Dell Inspiron 17
Dont forget extra for XP if they do it.

If you want me to buy it let me know what you intend to use it for and ill put together a suitable spec.
And do a quote which can include installation, setup, and data transfer

Fast Pentium, Graphics, Processor and Large Hard Drive

Total Cost circa. 650.00

Call Peter 020 8342 1882

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