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Long time since an update - you can now get UBUNTU 12.04

Intalling it on Dell Mini with a USB stick is a breeze:-

use UNETBOOTIN see instructions click here ==> INSTALL LINUX UBUNTU

Once intsalled you need to get Wireless Card Drivers and possibly sound

For Dell Mini Follow these commands in the terminal window (ALT+CTRL+T):-

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source

Problems installing wireless CLICK HERE

Correct Screen Dell mini 10 - CLICK HERE

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17th November 2009



Select the .deb version.
Save to your desktop
Double-click the .deb file

AVAST - Click Here

16th November 2009

Set up Evolution Email

Created new users

Copied word, excel and email file using email attachement, zipped file from Windows PC

Import Emails, Contact, Calendar from Outlook

Open Office opens all doc and xls files

Investigate Add Printer

15th November 2009

Installed Ubuntu today, didn't detect the Wireless Network Card in my Toshiba Tecra M2, so used Ethernet connection and updated the OS

System --> Administration --> Update Manager

Check --> Found 92 Updates --> Install Updates

Used following commands to setup the Wireless Network

list network connections use ==> iwconfig
start the card use ==> sudo ifconfig eth1 up
scan networks use ==> iwlist eth1 scan

14th November 2009

Downloading and Installing - CLICK HERE    IP