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What is a link

What is a link?

A link is text which when you click on it does one of the following:-

  • shows a webpage on the internet

  • takes you to a file/folder on your PC

  • opens a new email

If you type a website address or an email address into word, excel, email and some other programs like this one the characters are usually underlined or a different colour automatically.

Depending on your settings a link is either changed to a hand or displays instructions in bold to press the CTRL key (bottom left or right of the keyboard) and click on the text with the mouse.

Read this first
To return here just press the Back Button (top left hand corner of the window, or towards the middle of the screen again at the top)

If it changed to a hand, click on one of the links above now.
If it displayed CTRL and click, hold down the ctrl key (bottom left or bottom right of the keyboard) and then click on one of the underlined links.

Links or hyperlinks show references to other folders, files, websites or email addresses.

For example if you want someone to look at a page on a website, type or cut and paste the website address (this is shown in the address box when browsing the internet), into an email.

Send them the email and tell them to click on the link below.
This saves the user from having to open another program or application and type in the website address, email address or file name to view or send information.
Every computer can set the program which is going to open depending on the structure of a link.
Advanced users can look at help on filetypes.

The File type is how windows decides which program to open when a link is clicked or a file is double clicked.
End of lesson
See extra test work below

Exercises (Please note do these in Word or email only)

1. In word or email try typing in your own favourite website address and then click the link once it is underlined to go to that website.

2. Type in an email address and send an email by clicking on the address once it is underlined

(Do not forget to press ENTER/RETURN after typing in the address)

3. Advanced
Click on Insert (top of page) and select Hyperlink (or press CTRL K) then find a file on your computer, (hint use the box marked “Look in” that appears on the pop-up).
Double click on the file with the mouse to insert a hyperlink to it.

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