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The Useless Facts Quiz

A useless list of useless facts which can be used in a quiz now follows:-

1. Elvis Costello's dad appeared in the R.Whites Lemonade Advert - "I'm a secret lemonade drinker", TRUE or FALSE

False - He wrote the lyrics and music Click here for details

2. Was Brian Connolly lead singer in the 70's Pop Group Sweet, Taggart's brother?

FALSE - Mark "Taggart" McManus was actually the nephew of Brian's foster father, so there was no relationship between them - Click here for details

3. Bettie Nesmith-Graham, mother of Mike Nesmith of Monkee's fame invented Tipex?

TRUE - ....More Click Here

4. Terry Venables ex-England Manager wrote the song "What do you want to make those eyes at me for"?

FALSE - He recorded it but didn't write the lyrics - Click here for lyrics

5. Terry Venables co-wrote the TV Detective Series Hazell?

TRUE - .....more details

6. Name 3 singers who appeared on the same Tops of the Pops Episode with 2 different groups?

Singers is a bit of a trick as the answer is actually footballers.

On 6th May 1982 Ray Clemence and Glen Hoddle appeared singing with the Tottenham Hotspur Cup Final Squad and the England World Cup Squad. On the same show Steve Archibald also appeared with the Tottenham Hotspur Cup Final Squad and the Scotland World Cup Squad

Click here for a site shows which Top of the Pops show listings by date

Which 70's pop group got a bill this week for 50k after failing to sue an Ebay seller for selling one of their albums (08 June 2012)?


Why did Michael Jackson first wear a single white glove?


The piece Four minutes, thirty-three seconds is a three-movement composition.
It was composed for any instrument, why is it special?


Where was Jazz music first played?


Who played bass for the group Procol Harum from 1972 to 1975?