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Windows, description of a window

Below is an explaination of parts of the windows screen so you can understand fully what any help manual is trying to explain:-

Task Bar is at the bottom of the screen, it contains the START buttom, the Quick Launch area, the Active Windows and the Active Programs.

Title Bar is the top bar of any window which usually has a small picture, a file name and the sotware or window name.

Quick Launch if active then this is just to the right of the START button.

Active /Programs Area is on the far right hand side of the task bar

Menu bar if displayed this is just below the Title Bar - File Edit etc.


Standard - just below the menu bar with buttons relating to the software running in the window.

Other toolbars can be for Formatting, Control ToolBox, Database, Objects

e.g Open Word, click view in the menu bar then toolbars to see all the word toolbars, click on any to display them.