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What laptop or netbook should I buy for a 7 year old

NETBOOK or LAPTOP (Notebook)

The main difference between the 2 are size and CD/DVD drive

A netbook is smaller and has no CD/DVD drive therefore easier to carry from place to place.

I usually recommend Toshiba for laptops and notebooks but the best Netbook is an ASUS PCeee. However it is not as robust as the Toshiba Netbooks.

You can view Netbooks and Laptops by Clicking here

A 7 year old is going to be using the Internet, sending emails and creating documents and probably wanting to play DVDs. Also, it won't be long before they start loading their pictures, videos and iTunes so a netbook may not be sufficient with hard drive size.

Go for a Pentium (more expensive than Celeron) and buy a Notebook or Laptop.

Be very careful though I have seen laptops and notebooks which do not have a DVD drive, so make sure you read the full details (specification).