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Tennis Results Bush Hill Park

Hi All,

couldn't find this link when I wanted it so posting it here, click on it to go to the logon page,

cheers Peter

  1. Logon, your username and password should be supplied by your Club Match Secretary or Chair Person
  2. Click on the "Matches" tab
  3. Click on the Date of the match in the calendar
  4. Change the drop down to "Mens Doubles", "Womens Doubles" etc.
  5. Click on the Match to Modify
  6. Click "Modify"
  7. Click "Enter Rubbers"
  8. Now select the Players for each rubber from the drop down
  9. if you can't find a player, click "Add Player"
  10. If you can't find the player for that club select "UnNamed (M)" or other "UnNamed Option"
  11. Enter the rubber score in one box only (HOME SCORE)-(AWAY SCORE) e.g. 6-2 or 2-6
  12. Enter the Winning Club or if one set all then select "Tie"
  13. When completed, Click "Verify"
  14. Errors are shown in Red, alter if errors
  15. Click "Verify" again
  16. When the correct score is displayed click "Enter Result"
  17. Logout

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