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Best Broadband

Before you sign up for Broadband or Web Hosting check out this great site


Zen Broadband

: 3.6 Stars from 94 Reviews CLICK HERE" Estimate your Downloads ==> Download Estimates

O2 Broadband : 3.02 Starts from 297 Reviews CLICK HERE

Sky Broadband : 2 Stars from 527 Reviews CLICK HERE

AOL Broadband : 1.25 Stars from 441 Reviews CLICK HERE

BT Broadband : 1.75 Stars from 215 Reviews CLICK HERE

BT Business : 1.5 Stars from 22 Reviews CLICK HERE

Virgin Broadband : 1.04 Stars from 334 Reviews CLICK HERE

I have numerous customers on Zen Broadband and have only ever had one customer with a problem on Zen. They were using iPhones all day long to download from the internet so hit their download limit within the first few days of the month.
Their Mobile phone connection did not work inside their house so it automatically switched to their internet connection. All providers have a limit on downloads, even those which state unlimited either have a Fair Usage Policy in place or reduce you speed dramatically when you reach a fixed allowance. Basically you get what you pay for...

To sign up for Zen Broadband call Peter on 07714 330310