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Access Table

An access table is a flat data structure consisting of colums or fields

The easiest way to explain this is to show you the SQL to create a table:-

Create table Customers
account_no number,
first_name varchar(50),
surname varchar(200),
address_line1 varchar(200),
address_line2 varchar(200),
address_line3 varchar(200),
adddress_line4 varchar(200),
postcode varchar(10)

Each column is called a field, e.g. Field1 is account_no, Field2 is first_name etc.

Each Field has a type or datatype, e.g. number, varchar
other datatypes are :- date, integer, decimal etc.

The Access Database allows you to enter each field and datatype above one at a time. If you would like to do this then use the Table Creation Wizard.

However the quickest way to create a table is to import the table from an Excel Spreadsheet, Text file or CSV file, but remember this method can produce errors if data is not the same datatype for all rows in one column (field)

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