Outlook 2007 Change Font
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Outlook 2007 Change Font

After much discussion and investigation I have found it is possible to change the fonts in Outlook

Unfortunately it is a bit long winded but does work and for people with Eye Strain it can make those nasty headaches and migranes a thing of the past, so persevere with these fixes.

From the Main Inbox Screen :-

Click View --> Current View --> Customise Current View

Change Outlook Font

Click Other Settings

Change all 3 fonts as required --> Click OK --> OK

Change Outlook Font

Now to change the Navigation Pane (left hand side) do this outside of outlook,make sure you close Outlook then:

Click Start --> (Settings) --> Control Panel --> Display

Click Appearence --> Advanced

Change Outlook Font
Change the Drop down next under Item: to "Menu" then select the required font type, size an color
Click OK --> OK --> Close Control Panel

Change Outlook Font

Now re-open Outlook

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