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Old Webpage displays

There seems to be a problem with Virgin Media customers DNS pointing to old webpages or servers. This means that when displaying Web Pages they are seeing old pages.

This has happend for a customer whose website I have updated and they are shown an old page with a bug which I corrected weeks ago.

My 12 year old daughter helped me fix it by suggesting first it was the users display settings, which I had already checked, so she next suggested it was the users broadband as it was displaying incorrectly on both computers at the customer's office.

I trawled the Net and after deleting DNS cache, temporary internet files etc. came up with this possible solution, of changing the proxy server so you are not using the VirginMedia out-of-date Server:-

  1. Open Internet Explorer

  2. Click Tools

  3. Internet Options

  4. Connections

  5. LAN settings

  6. Click the Radio Button for "Use Proxy for your Lan"

  7. Type

  8. Then Port box 8080

  9. Click Ok

  10. Click Ok

  11. Now restart Internet Explorer