HTC Android Installation Error Driver Fails to install
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HTC Android Installation Error Driver Fails to install

When you get an HTC Android Installation Error and the HTC Driver Fails to install, try the following:-

1. Get the software for your mobile phone from

2. Run the Install htc_sync_setup_3.3.10.exe (or what ever version you use for your Mobile)

3. At the point of failure look in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp
for a couple of random named folders
You may need to display hidden files to see these folders How to view hidden files

4. Check for one folder similar to this one which contains a HTCDriver.msi file
Download it here ==> HTC Desire Driver

5. Copy the whole folder to your desktop

6. End the installation by clicking no

7 Double click on the HTCDriver.msi in the folder you copied in 5. above

8. The driver installs correctly

9. Now repeat 1. and the installation should complete successfully

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