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Advertising and Salesmen Computer Jargon (Buying a Computer, Part 4)

Chip Speed

How fast do you need the programs to run?
Are there any specific requirements for software you require?
This will normally only be necessary for business and games software.
These values are specified in MegaHertz (MHz) or GigaHertz (GHz).

Home 2.5GHz Business 3.2GHz
Games Check the leaflet or CD cover for the minimum requirements.

Hard drive

Size this will normally be higher if you intend to store many pictures, music or movies, or are likely to store a lot of data for business.
These values are usually specified in Gigabytes (Gb).

Standard Home use 40Gigabytes (Gb) Business use, pictures and music (160Gb)
For Video or Business backup I would suggest purchasing an External Drive (300Gb or DVD " Gb)

Graphics Card

These are necessary for many of today"s computer games which require 3-dimensional graphics and video.
These values are usually specified in Megabytes (Mb).

Check the games leaflet or CD cover for the minimum requirements.


In order to run many programs at the same time, or to run games, video and photo editing software.
These values are usually specified in Megabytes (Mb) and Gigabytes (Gb).

Home 512 Mb Business 1 Gb
Check the games leaflet or software CD cover for the minimum requirements.


If you need to use a dial-up connection, until you have installed broadband on your telephone line you will need to include a 56k or faster modem card with your computer to connect to the internet and to send and receive emails.

Screen Type

Flat Screen (TFT) or Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). The bigger bulkier CRT screens are now less popular due to the amount of space required. If this is not a problem, you could save yourself 150.00 by purchasing a CRT.

I would suggest a flat screen (TFT) as this saves your back if you have to move the monitor and also uses less space.

Screen size

If you plan to watch videos, are designing or editing pictures, or creating and supporting websites you may require a larger screen.

Home 17inch Business 19inch

CD/DVD Drive

These allow you to read/write to CD"s or DVD"s to store pictures, data, music or video. This can be for safe keeping (backup) or to enable another computer or device e.g CD player, to use the files. (Please note not all devices can play or read data saved by a different computer or device, this is called incompatible).

I have not come across many users who watch DVD"s on a computer, but it could be useful if the children or your other half wants to watch something on DVD and you want to watch your favourite TV program.

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