Cannot open file after renaming
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Cannot open file after renaming

If you cannot open a file after you have renamed it then you would have seen a warning informing you that changing the file type may make the file unusable and you have clicked "YES"

Windows uses the file type to work out which piece of software/program to use when opening a file, it now doesn't know what software to use as it has lost the file type

To prevent this happening again hide filetypes by doing the following:-

Open "My Documents", "My Pictures" or "My Computer" (or another folder)

Click "Tools" --> "Folder Options"
(If you cannot see tools at the top in the Menu Bar then press the ALT key on your keyboard once and it should appear)
Resetting View in Explorer

This will display
Resetting View in Explorer

Click the "View" tab at the top

Resetting View in Explorer

Now scroll down and check the box "Hide extensions for known Filetypes"

Click "OK"

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