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Connect a Wireless Netgear DG834G Modem Router

Do not use the disk for installation, I have done this many times and never needed the disk

Connect to the ADSL Filter and with the phone/modem wire
Turn the Netgear on
Connect the Network Ethernet cable, usually, grey, blue, black or yellow from the Computer to one of the ports of the back of the router number 1 to 4
the number light at the front comes on when connected
Click Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections
In Vista you need to also go into Manage Network Connections

Double Click on your Local Area Connection, then click Support to see the Local Area IP Address and Default Gateway
Note down the Default Gateway

Now Open Internet Explorer
Ignore any page not found error
At the top where you would enter a website address, enter
https://"put your default gateway address here"
e.g or

In the pop-up enter the username and password, these are not your broadband username and password

Sometimes these values are on the underside of the Netgear
or try "admin" for the username and "password" for the password

Now use the "setup Wizard" to configure entering the Broadband username and password when asked to in the "Basic Settings" page

Under Wireless settings you can also set up your Wireless Network name (SSID)
and your WEP or WPA key

WEP is always only hexadecimal characters i.e 0-9 and A-F only
WPA lets you use a word and numbers