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Desktop or Laptop ? (Buying a Computer, Part 3)

Just one more decision before we look at the advertising details
Desktop or Laptop

Q. What is the difference?

A. A laptop is an all in one monitor keyboard and mouse which is small enough to take out and about when you are travelling during work or leisure. Their speed is usually slower for the same price, but they are a good option if you are on the road or do not have enough space for a desktop computer which consists of separate keyboard, monitor, mouse and computer (also known as the base unit or tower).

Q. Can I use a standard printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse and monitor with a laptop?
A. Yes some laptops come with the option of attaching a docking station which allows you to use it just as if it was a desktop computer. However you do not need the docking station to use most of the devices available today, which use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) type connection.    IP