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Dishswasher Change Spring | Tricity Bendex

All other answers on the internet detail removing the front kick plate, I found this was not necessary.

Also if the curl of your springs have snapped at one end you do not need to buy new springs. Using a set of pliers, a screw driver and a hacksaw you can use the last turn of the spring to create a new curl.


1. Switch off the Power

2. Make sure the dishwasher is empty

3. Pull out the dishwasher into an empty space and disconnect drainage pipe and input cold water if necessary i.e. pipes too short

3. Find an old large cushion of blanket and place this behind the dishwasher

4. Tip the washer backward to rest it on the cushion or blanket

5. Look under the bottom of the washer, behind metal to which the front plate is attached and you will see the connections for the springs as shown below.

6. Clip the metal attachment at the end of the spring over the top connector

7. Then pull the bottom curl of the spring over the bottom connector attached to the door hinge

how to fix dishwasher spring

The one on the left is difficult to fit as it has a plastic tank obstructing the fittings.
I managed to fit this easily by using a chopstick, yes a CHOPSTICK.

Thread the spring onto the chopstick and put it into the gap so that the top metal fitting can be attached.
Once it is clipped over, thread a screwdriver over the bottom end curl of the spring. Now remove the chopstick and use the screwdriver to clip the curl over the fitting.

That's it, you are now be ready to put the dishwasher upright and test the door.