FTP Error using Internet Explorer
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FTP Error using Internet Explorer

If you are receiving page not found or other errors when trying to access FTP sites in Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools
2. Internet Options
3. Advanced tab
4. Click Enable folder view for FTP sites
4. Click Enable folder view for FTP sites (outside Internet Explorer)

Another method for solving this problem is to open Windows Explorer
(My Documents or My Computer)

and paste your FTP command site name e.g. ftp://ftp.anewwebsite.co.uk

A pop-up requesting username and password should be displayed

You may have pop-ups block in a number of ways:-
Firewall pop-up blocker
IE pop-up blocker (Tools - Pop-Up Blocker)
Other Software pop-up blocker

Also same problems can happen in other Internet Browsers such as Safari, Netscape, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.

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