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Hard Disk Full

If your Hard Drive is full, first run the hints and tips from HPC Solutions ==> CLICK HERE

You now have a number of options all of which require purchasing some extra hardware and possibly some I.T.Services:-

1. Purchase a memory Stick, around 10, move data from your hard drive to the memory stick

2."" Delete or archive some data to an external drive (circa 120.00)

3."" Backup the whole PC and copy it to a new larger drive, depending on what hard drive your Windows System support (200.00)

3."" Upgrade to a new version of Windows, again depending on hardware (circa 200.00 - 250.00)

4."" Backup in readiness for a new computer (100.00 + cost of new PC 500.00+)

For all of the above services call Peter on 020 8342 1882