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Highlight Email Outlook

To Highlight an Email in Microsoft Outlook

The email can be highlighted in a color, say red, in Outlook 2007 but can only be moved or flagged important in Earlier Versions (e.g 2003)

Outlook 2007

To make an email from a specific email address appear in red use these instructions :-

1. View --> Current View --> Customise Current View
2. Click Automatic Formatting
3. Click Add
4. Enter the name of the rule
5. Click Condition
6. Enter the from email address for which you want message highlighted
7. Click OK
8. Click OK
9. Click OK

Outlook 2003

To Flag an email important in Outlook 2003 and earlier versions use these instructions :-

1. Tools --> Rules and Alerts
2. Click New Rule
3. Click Flag Messages from someone with a colored flag
4. Click People or Distribution List
5. Enter the from email address for which you want message flagged
6. Click OK
7. Click on Display a colored Flag
8. Select the Color you want
9. Click OK
10. Click Finish

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