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How to change the Font in Outlook latest Versions

To make changes to the Font Display in Outlook

For people with Eye Strain it can make those nasty headaches and migranes a thing of the past, so persevere with these fixes.

From the Main Inbox Screen :-

In OUTLOOK 2007 Click View --> Current View --> Customise Current View

In OUTLOOK 2010 Click View (TAB) --> View Settings

Change Outlook Font

Click Other Settings

Change all 3 fonts as required --> Click OK --> OK

Change Outlook Font

Now to change the Navigation Pane (left hand side) do this outside of outlook,make sure you close Outlook then:

Click Start --> (Settings) --> Control Panel --> Display

Click Appearence --> Advanced

Change Outlook Font
Change the Drop down next under Item: to "Menu" then select the required font type, size an color
Click OK --> OK --> Close Control Panel

Change Outlook Font

Now re-open Outlook