How to create an Organisational Chart in Word
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How to create an Organisational Chart in Word

To create an Organisational or Structure Chart in Word 2007 do the following:-

1. Open Word 2007
2. Click Insert
3. Click SmartArt
4. Hierarchy
5. Organization Chart

The easiest way to create this is to use the text over to the right and ignore the chart until you have created all the required boxes.

When you have all the required boxes, a good tip to get all the last row of boxes on the same line is do the following:-

1. Add an extra row/box at the bottom of each level
2. Click on each blank box at the bottom and drag the handles (small circles or squares to make the box as small as possible
3. Right click on each of the boxes in turn and and select "Format Shape"
4. Select "no line" for the colour
5. Right Click on each line to the last boxes and select "Format Shape"
6. Again Select "no line" for the colour

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