How to receive Turnaround Email to your Mobile Phone
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How to receive Turnaround Email to your Mobile Phone

As I know you are all so keen to receive work emails on your mobile phone, especially the Reps.

You will need to go into Email Settings or Messaging --> New Mailbox

Here are the settings you will need :-

Email address: use your current turnaround email address e.g.

If you donít know your password please ask me (hint: itís the one you use on WorldClient Webmail)

Pop3 incoming server:

SMTP Server:


Please check your outgoing server, you will have to set it to also set authentication ON

Save the settings then try sending an email, suggest you cc yourself to see if the email comes to the phone.

When you delete an email from your phone it should give you an option to delete from either the phone only, or both the email server and the phone.

If you choose the second option the email will not be recived into Outlook on your laptop.

Sometimes you have to use the outgoing server of the phone network you use:-

O2: use

T-Mobile: use

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