How to set up Email on Mobile Phone
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How to set up Email on Mobile Phone

Email on mobile phone can sometimes be tricky depending on the phone and the package you have purchased.

You can usually find the email setup in System --> Settings but sometimes it is under the message section.

What values do I need to enter?

email address e.g.

Incoming Server e.g.

Type of Server e.g pop3, imap or exchange server

Outgoing Server e.g

1. You may have to turn on AUTHENTICATION for outgoing
2. If sending emails fail try using the mobile phone providers server (see below)

SMTP Server: this value is sometimes related to the phone network you use:-

O2: use

T-Mobile: use


Please check your outgoing server, you will have to set it to
smtp server of your email provider

You may also have to set AUTHENTICATION on

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