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How to use AVG Firewall

AVG Procedures

When your pc starts

If the AVG icon bottom right has an exclamation mark over it, double click to open and see which component shows a problem.

If required click the update now option or right click on the AVG flag, Select Update Now

While using the PC

If an AVG box pops up detailing a process that wants internet access then you have to decide whether to allow it or not:-

1. If you have just started a program which requires internet access click the “save the answer for future requests” box and then click “Allow”
2. If you haven"t just started a program then click "deny"
3. Only click the “save the answer for future requests” and the “Deny” button if you are certain you do not want the process to have access to the internet
4. If you do not recognise the name of the program asking for internet access, open Internet Explorer and run a google search on the process or program name, before allowing or blocking access
e.g. The “Bonjour service” is part of itunes, so if you need to use itunes click the “Save the answer for future requests” check box then click "Allow "

If AVG asks for a profile, Enter a name say “Home”, “Work” or “Office” then click on “Computer in Domain”

Be very careful if choosing the option 3 above, as sometimes automatic updates from Windows (Microsoft), Apple (iTunes) and even AVG will want to access the internet. If you choose to block these then updates for that process will not be downloaded. If you are unsure then only click the "Block" option    IP