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Internet, Dial up Connection

Do you want an internet connection with calls charged at the local rate?

You can use it to access your email and the internet with a standard phone line and your computer modem.

To set up your connection:-

How to set-up your dial-up connection using Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer (ignore any page not found message)
2. Click on "Tools" (this is at the top of the screen, called the menu bar)
3. Click on the very last option - it should be "Internet Options"
You now have a smaller window displayed with options across the top
4. Click on the one which is labelled "Connections"
5. Now click the button marked "Add"
A green dot (called a radio button) will be next to Dial-up private network (Connect using my phone line, modem or ISDN)
6. Click the button at the bottom marked "Next"
7. Enter the phone number in the white box "0845 1232064"
8. Enter the name you want for the connection "Dialup"
9. Click "Finish"
A window with the title Dial-up Connection settings is displayed
10. In Dial-up settings (near the bottom) enter the username "uk2web" in the box next to User name:
11. Enter the password "uk2web" in the box next to Password:
12. Now click the button labelled "Ok"
You will now be back to the Connections window
Make sure the dot next to Always dial my default connection is green
13.If the dot is not green then click on the empty circle next to it to make it green
14. Click "OK""
15. A Connection box will now appear click the "Connect" button
Wait while the modem dials up and connects
You should now be connected to the internet

Each time you start Internet Explorer click Connect and the connection will be made.


If you want to use the connection to send emails from Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook, then set your outgoing SMTP server to