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IPAD Air Training

Quick overview of iPad Air training :-

Email and websites
1. Open Safari
2. Touch bookmarks
3. Touch required bookmarks

To add a bookmark
1. Search for website (top right)
2. Once webpage is showing press upwards arrow
3. Touch Bookmark
4. Add Bookmark

When you are looking at a webpage in Safari, to open another page
1. Tap + sign
2. Type in website address or search words

Skype, logon same as email and Windows 8 logon
1. Click on the contact
2. Click call (telephone receiver in green at the top)

To add a contact
1. Search for their Skype name
2. When you try to add them to contacts if will send a message that you have to ask first
3. Send them a message, asking them to add you (message should be filled in for you)

How to close an app :
1. Double click the main Home Button on the iPad
2. Drag the App Square off the screen, upwards

To check for running apps and close:
1. Double click the Main Home Button
2. Press and hold on the App (middle of the screen) you want to close
3. Drag the Square off the screen upwards

If you cannot find the option you want, then try tapping anywhere on the screen and see what happens?
Q:? Why?
ANSWER: Because this is just like a right click on the computer