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Office 2007 Filetype


The word and excel file types have changed from"DOC to DOCX and XLS to XLSX

You can convert a document by Opening the old file with the new version then saving the file.

When saving there are options to save in the New or Old format

Which format should I save?

If you have to send the file to someone who is still on an old version of Office they may not be able to open the file.

Choose the older versions, 97-2003 if you need to do this,
choose the Latest Version (e.g just save document or worksheet)

Exception - there is a converter add on available free from Microsoft which allows a user with old versions to open the file but only as read-only

see Office Compatibility Pack

You may convert a folder of word documents using these instructions
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If you want me to convert for you please contact me on 020 8342 1882

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