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Why do so many users not clean up their email?

16,189 Sent Items or the 20,010 Deleted Items is not necessary, time comsuming and uses valuable disk space. You wouldn't let this happen in your home, would you?

Following some simple procedures can keep your email running fast and also prevent your hard disk from running out of space.

Many times I have seen outlook files of up to 10GB and sometimes bigger.

Follow these simple rules to keep control of your email:-

1. Create new folders for each Customer, Company or Project in personal folders not the Inbox
2. Move all required Sent, Deleted, and Inbox emails into the relevant folder at the end of the day.
3. Just leave any emails which you want to remind you about something in the inbox
4. Compress your Outlook file monthly
5. Save any required attachements to your hard disk and if you need to keep the email, delete the attachment from the email, then move to the relevant folder

Many users tell me they need to keep all their sent emails. Yes do this but by filing in a folder you know which emails are sent as the from address is your email address

Using these rules it is also a lot easier to find an email rather than searching through the 16,189 Sent Items or the 20,010 Deleted Items