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Problems accessing the Internet, Email or connecting

Please note this page is for any Broadband supplied through a BT phoneline
CABLE users click here

a) First Checks
1. Turn off your the modem by pulling the power (black) cable from the back
2. Wait 20 secs
3. re-plug
4. make sure the ADSL light is solid green
5. If it's not then check connections
6.""The cable from your modem to the Telephone socket should have an ADSL filter
on it (usually a small white box)
7. If all looks ok then call your Support Number

Quote username or phone number
and identify Account holder

b) If the above is ok then check whether your network connection is ok
Sometimes the two monitors icon (bottom right are flashing)
2. double click on these
3. click support
4. check the IP address is correct
Your Broadband Supplier can tell you what these values should be

5. check there is a similar value for the gateway

c) Other ways to fix
1. right click on two monitors icon
2. select "Open Network Connections"
3. right click on "Local Area Connection"
4. Select "Disable"
5. Wait 30 secs
6. Select "Enable"
7. Check IP address as in b) above

d) Report Problem
1. note down any error message
2. press Print Screen key (top right of keyboard)
3. open word
4. Click "Edit" (top)
5. Click "Paste"
6. Click "File" (top)
7. Click "Send to"
8. send it to your support company
Don't for get to enter who you are, what the problem is and contact details

Other Notes: Email will not work unless you have an internet connection. Please use internet explorer to check if there is a connection. Web Pages can display from the Computers Cache even if there is no connection, so always click the refresh button in Internet Explorer to check there is an error.