Setup POP email on Blackberry
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Setup POP email on Blackberry

When trying to setup email on a Blackberry Mobile phone it will not Activate

Activation Failed

If you Contact your provider and they will know you do not have a Blackberry Tariff on your Mobile Package

O2 sometimes will change the settings and ask you to turn off your mobile and remove the battery, don't bother,
I did this and it didn't work

Spent ages trying to Activate yet again as the "Internet Email" option now available, kept asking me to Register and Activate with Blackberry to use this option

I called yet again and at last got someone who knew what he was talking about.

Go to Options --> Device --> Device Status

Note PIN and IMEI number

Then go to

Click Create Account
Accept Terms and Conditions
Enter PIN and IMEI number
Enter Email address and Password

and that's it, the phone starts receiving email no settings required to enter on the Mobile Phone

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