Stop dial-up connection
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Stop dial-up connection

Whenever I try to connect to the Internet it dials a connection, but I am on broadband.

If you do not use a USB modem no dial-up is required.


1. Open Internet Explorer
2. If a Dial-up connection box appears, click "Work Offline"
3. Click "Tools" (top of screen) (In Vista press ALT key first)
4. Click "Internet Options"
5. Click "Connections"
6. Click "Never Dial a Connection"
7. Click "OK"
8. Click "OK"
9. Close Internet Explorer
10. Restart Internet Explorer

If no internet page is displayed you may also need to

11. Click "File" (top of screen)
12. Click Work Offline (if it has a tick next to it)
11. If a Connection box appears, Click "Connect"

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