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What is the difference between a scanned document and a word document


The most common form of file is a text file.
This contains typed text from the keyboard.
A text (.txt) file can be opened in Notepad, Wordpad and Word

However, Word can also store additional types of data, Pictures, Tables, Links and also Formating of the text, bold, Italics, Underline etc.

Notepad only supports basic formating e.g. Font, Font Style and Size

When you scan a document it can be saved as a Picture (.jpg, .png, .bmp),
PDF document (.pdf), Graphics file (.gif, .tif)

In most cases Scanned documents cannot be opened in word, so you cannot change it in word.

PDF files can be opened in Adobe Reader
Pictures (JPG)can be opened in Paint or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

A picture file is stored in dots or pixels, so it cannot be altered using text from the keyboard in word.
However, it can be inserted into a word document as a picture or attached to an email and sent.

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