Change user password Ubuntu


Start your netbook, laptop or pc with a install Ubuntu CD or Memory USB Drive

Select option to try Ubuntu

Once booted go into the Terminal

Some or all of the commands below made need to be carried out as root using sudo:-

mkdir p
mount -t auto {DRIVETOMOUNT} p
e.g. mount -t auto /dev/sda2 p

{Then chroot to that mounted partition}
chroot p

cd /boot/grub
chmod 777 menu.lst

{use gedit ot vi to edit menu.lst}

{comment out hidden}
# hidden

{set timeout value in seconds}
timeout 30

{exit from editor}

{to reboot type}

During Reboot Select recovery mode

This should Logon to root

type passwd {username}
e.g passwd peter

{Enter the new password}

reboot and use the new password


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