Excel 2007 Compatibility How to unhide worksheet


When opening a 2003 version of an Excel Spreadsheet in Excel 2007 I could reference but not unhide a sheet

To solve the problem I just kept a copy of the spreadsheet with the Hidden Sheet shown and reverted back to this one whenever a change was made.

It would not allow me to save as a Macro Enabled workbook as it contained version 3.0 and 4.0 Macros

I finally solved a method of unprotecting the worksheet structure and displaying the hidden worksheet as follows:-

1. Click on the Review Tab
2. Click on Protect Workbook
3. Untick the Protect Structure and Window
How to unhide Sheet in compatibility mode
4. Enter the password
5. Now right Click on a visible worksheet at the bottom
How to unhide Sheet in compatibility mode
6. Click OK
7. Select the hidden worksheet by clicking on it and click show
How to unhide Sheet in compatibility mode


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