How to hide folders or emails in Outlook


A clever way to hide folders or emails you don’t want anyone to find, though I am sure you don’t have anything to hide from your parents or your other half, tee hee!

1. Open MS Outlook
2. Right click on Personal Folders
3. Select “Properties” or “Properties for Personal Folder”
4. Click “Home” (tab at the top)
5. Uncheck the box next to “show home page by deault for this folder”
6. click ok

Now look on the right hand side you may see folders or emails you lost or they may be nothing in there

7. Drag any emails or folders you want to hide over to the right hand side

Now follow the instructions 1-6 but this time re-check the “show home page by deault for this folder”

That’s it follow the same procedure to view the folders and emails


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