How to merge Music Folders


1. Open Windows Explorer

Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Windows Explorer
Start “My Documents” or “My Computer” then click the “Folders” button at the top

2. On the left hand side of the Window click on one of the folders you want to merge into the ITunes Folder, in this case “Amazon Downloads”

How to merge music

3. Now click “Edit” –> “Select All” (or CTRL-A)

How to merge music

4. Now “Right Click” on a highlighted area over the selected files on the right hand side and click “Copy”

How to merge music

5. Next “Right Click” on the folder you want to copy to, in this case “ITunes” and then click “Paste”

How to merge music

6. If any files have the same name a pop-up message appears.

How to merge music

7. Click “Yes to All” to overwrite files or “No” if you want to keep any files (You will have to click “No” for each duplicate file)

n.b Ignore “Desktop.ini files these are used by the system and it doesn’t matter whether you copy them or not

8. Now do steps 2, 3 and 4 for the next folder, in this case “MP3 Player”
Click “Copy” again

How to merge music

9. “Right Click” on the ITunes folder again and select “Paste”

How to merge music

10. Again if duplicates exist a pop-up will display

How to merge music

11. Decide which button to click based on which files you want to keep

Once completed check your ITunes is now as you planned and delete the extra folders when you are happy that everything is copied correctly.
It is best to wait a few days before deleting the old folders in case something has been missed in error. If you want right click on each folder and rename, I usually add “DELETE ME ON 7 DAYS” to the end of the folder name.


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