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Disk Cleanup

Defrag - How to Clean Up your hard disk

1. Double click 'My Documents' --> click the 'Folders' button

2. Click on 'My Computer'

3. Right click on the 'Local Disk(C:)' or 'C drive(C:)'

4. Click 'Properties'

5. Click 'Disk Cleanup'

6. This next step may take some time if you have never run a disk cleanup before, to confirm you want to cleanup click 'Yes' on the next screen that appears

7. Now click on the check box for each type of file you want to remove.
Compressed Files can take a very long time so be patient if you choose to include these files in the cleanup

8. Click 'OK''

To close after cleanup click the 'White Cross in Red Square' (top right) to Close the window

After a disk cleanup it is recommended that you run a defrag ...more