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How to control sync from mobile phone to Outlook

To control what is Sync'd when you connect your mobile phone to your computer.

a most annoying problem is all your Mobile Phone numbers end up in Outlook Contacts many with no email addresses

To solve this issue either do the following or see the option below to add E-mail address to the view :-

1. Set a Company name for each entry you want to go to Outlook
2. Leave Company Name blank for any which you do not want synchronized
3. Connect the Phone either Wired or Wireless and run the sync
4. Now Open Outlook
5. Click Contacts
6. Click View --> Current View --> Phone List

Change Contact View

7. Click Company (this sorts on the field and put all the blanks entries at the top)
8. Now click on the first blank Entry
9. Scroll down to the Last blank Company (or other field e.g E-mail)
10. Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard
11. Click the Last blank entry (this highlights all the entries you do not require)
12. Let go of the shift key
13. Press the delete key to delete the unwanted contacts

Change Contact View

If E-mail Address is blank use this method:-

You can use any other field for example all those without an email address,
by changing the view and adding the email address like this:-

Change Contact View

Add E-mail View

Now click on E-mail and follow steps 8 to 13 above

Hopefully someone will design a good sync which includes a synchronise flag in the near future to avoid these extra steps