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How to scan

How to use a flatbed scanner, simple instructions using windows software.

Many scanners come with their own software but you do not need to use this software.

Windows provides Paint which can be used to scan and save pictures.

Once you have installed the scanner follow these instructions:-

1. Click Start --> Run
2. Type mspaint in the box and click OK
3. Click File --> From Scanner or Camera
4. The scan Wizard is displayed.

Click Preview if you are scanning a picture or document smaller than A4/Letter
This will allow you to set the size you want to scan.
Adjust the dotted box by clicking and dragging the sides or edges.

5. Select black and white or color
6. If there is an option for DPI (Dots per inch) select 100 to view images on a computer screen.
However, if you plan to print on photographic paper choose 300 to 500 dpi as required, the higher the value the better the picture quality
6. Click Scan

The picture is displayed in Paint.
Depending on the DPI selected you may need to scroll over or up/down to see the picture details.

7. Click File --> Save
8. Select the folder or My Pictures
9. Enter the file name e.g. the name you want to call the picture
10. Click Save